Miss’d America 2019

Miss'd America 2018 Adriana TrentaAdriana Trenta –

Adriana Trenta is New York City’s ponytailed princess. Most well known for being an energetic and gregarious show host and performer within the New York drag community, she is also noted for her creativity, dancing ability, and as a celebrity illusionist. Inspired by anything from pop divas to pop art, Adriana describes her drag style is a tribute to any and all women who are bold and beautiful in their own way, and uses drag to honor the women who dared to make a mark on society with their femininity and youthful energy. Adriana’s ultimate goal with drag is to represent and empower the incoming generation of the LGBTQIA community as a community leader.


WHYY – A pageant in drag, Miss’d America upholds traditions



Miss’d America 2019 Adriana Trenta rides in Hard Rock’s Anniversary Parade on the Boardwalk June 27th