Miss’d America 2023 – Miss Elaine

Miss'd America 2023

Scott McMaster (also known as Miss Elaine) is proud and excited to return to the Miss’d America Pageant. She competed last year and took home the title of First Alternate. Her attempts to bump off Amanda Porq were unsuccessful so she is ready compete again and win that crown!

Scott/Miss Elaine has been working in the arts for over 20 years.  Starting with community theatre productions at age 8, Scott has steadily built a long-lasting career and now works professionally in production in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Over this time, she has worked as an actor, stage manager, scenic painter, set designer, prop master, wardrobe assistant, and costume designer. Notable credits in the past year include prop and scenic design for ROSE: You Are Who You Eat, a collaboration between the Bearded Ladies Cabaret and Guggenheim Works & Process. She also recently designed the cabaret venue for Late Night Snacks in this fall’s Philly Fringe Festival.

In her time as a drag queen, she has competed in several competitions and pageants including Philly Drag Wars (Cycle 9 winner), Miss Gay Philadelphia (first alternate), and Miss’d America 2021 (first alternate). When not performing at the Tropicana on weekends in Diva Royale, she is a costume and headpiece designer for other queens in the city.

Her love for theatre and the artists that create it is what drives her mission in drag. With this crown she hopes to bring extravagance and production value to drag on the east coast!