Miss’d America 2024 – Ms. Freeda Kulo

Miss Freeda Kulo Miss’d America 2024

aka Louis Martinez. Freeda Kulo was born in La Mirada, California with an unconventional upbringing in Mexico and the United states. Navigating both worlds of small town and big city, she now celebrates and praises her roots no matter where she goes hoping to inspire others to take pride while holding space fearlessly. During the day they are a Group Fitness Manager for Crunch Fitness as well as an instructor that is fortunate to incorporate their artistry by hosting events in drag and even filming some workouts on the new streaming platform. They are also a fulltime Drag entertainer that produces their own brunches at Kween in Astoria and is embarking on a new career endeavor as a DJ. Winner of the last cycle of Lady Liberty, First Runner up of La Batalla Lipstick Season two and GLAM award nominee for Breakthrough artist, she has charmed audiences with her ability to reference the beauty of her culture while channeling the aesthetic of the unapologetically proud Latinas yet adding their own splendid candor and a witty disposition. At every show she praises her BIPOC queer community and strives to uplift other artists because representation matters now more than ever. Recognizing the importance of mental health and wellness, Freeda makes it a point to stop and smell las rosas whether it’s meditating,  traveling, spending time with friends or visiting family in Mexico and California. If she were a real housewife her tagline would be “I am Mexican, but my dreams won’t be trumped!”